Ron’s last wish

Ron’s last wish

Title: Ron’s last wish
Location: Øresund
Description: His ash scattering takes place from Vedbaek port on the Øresund;
Ascension Day, Thursday, 9 May at 15:00 HR

Invited are all who knew Ron had a good relationship, made something in sea scouts with him or has helped him or been helped by him. In the family and good friends, incl. contacts in the United Kingdom.
With scout ship Ran (14 seater) and any private and leader vessels, hopefully up to 40 seats, we will sail out of the Sound and forward Ron on the last trip …
Subsequently, a party in the harbor around the Viking house (the south end), which offers little to eat, and a little from the grill while having fun.
This is how Ron wanted it.

There may stay no persons in Ran, and someone in the hut, but not 40 people – remember sleeping bag, etc.

You could have some flowers, to give Ron along on his journey …

You have to comply with the above, also must register to his sons: Marcus or Martin on , if necessary. via a text message.

Registration is therefore a requirement for all – and up to 7 days before.
The Please observe that the arrangement is for close friends, family, past and present (lake) scout leaders with relationships. A possible. Partner should be room for.

On behalf of the Ron’s sons Marcus and Martin,
A group Sea Scout leaders including Finn and Hansi
Start Time: 15:00
Date: 2013-05-09
End Time: 17:00

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