Eurosea 2021 Greece

Eurosea 2021 Greece

Due to uncertainty of organizing an international event this year, Eurosea 15 will be held in September 2021 in Greece:   8th to 12th of September 2021

Call for workshops

We are collecting proposals for areas of worshops and seminars for the next Eurosea. If you already have an idea for a workshop or seminar, let us know! Deadline for proposals is May 2021. Our hope is that each country submit at least one proposal.

The topics for talks we are looking for, with some examples of past events are here:

  • Unique path of sea scouting in my country – share a way in which sea scouting in your country is unique and how you could inspire others. Example: Polish presentation of the sea scouting tall ship Zawisza Czarny.
  • Sea scouting best practices – what good things do you do in your organization that could be an inspiration to others? Example: practical lesson in lifesaving in calm water by Czech sea scouts.
  • Sea scouting experience – inspire others with sea scouting program realized on site. Example: sea-scouting themed escape room from Dutch scouts!
  • HowTos – tips and tricks to get stuff done. Example: How to organize international camps – where to get money, what to look out for.