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Ron Brown

Ron Brown

Ron Brown died the night of 15th and 16 February 2013

Ron did a lot of Sea Scout work through time. Everything from troop leader to the maintainer of boats, and even a member of Sea Scout groups, and later as organizer of the European Seminar at Holmen in September 2012 after which Finn AP in the fall of 2012, on behalf of DDS, presented the corps badge of honor for Ron – the recognition he so much deserved.

Ron came to Denmark around 35 years ago, had his own company and molded boats and repaired them. I met Ron at a District Race in a fishing boat-like vessel he had borrowed in which he regaled us who were with … At that time (ca.1993-95) he was Søkyndig by John Little Sea Scout Group in Rungsted.

Later it was as TL for Vikings Søgruppe in Vedbæk – Scouts did have a hard time understanding this man’s language. But they learned to understand it Ronske language was neither English or Danish.

Ron has helped many with boat repair, boats and vessels. He has built and the DDS søspejderstande, he has traveled around and picked up both homes to camps. He was in all sølejre – postmaster and administrator. He participated in all søledermøder, was a member of SØA and participated in the international søspejderarbejde. Treasurer Søspejdernes Sailing Club he was too!

We all remember the many Ørholm tournaments Ron planned and organized. In 2011 he arranged a Scandinavian / European armada of Aahus in southeastern Sweden. He was Ran-skipper and sailed by Ran to Jamboree 2012 in Struer, where he sailed Ran home with the Armada homewards.

And yes, this fun, flimsy English gentleman, in recent years, with long blond hair and beard – he almost looked like one from Harry Potter’s world (at least sometimes). Make no mistake, he knew his stuff – everything could be repaired at sea with the hand resources and the tools that have impressed many. Top however, he was with polyester and a grinder when his sharp eye not just trimmed jollers sail.

We will all remember Ron for his helpfulness, and social man he was. There were always were treated to something when he sat down with a beer – or a glass of wine in recent years.
Unfortunately it took many years of unprotected fiberglass work and cigarettes life from this capacity. Ron would be 65 years old this summer. He is survived by his two adult sons and a teenage daughter.

a be Ron’s Memorial

Blue Fannion

Blue Fannion

The Blue Fannion is a friendly competition in wich Sea-Scout patrols
compete against each other in a series of nautically inspired games.
It is organised bi-annually at alternating locations Belgium. It has been a
tradition for over 20 years.
The participants come from all different Scouting Organizations from
Belgium and even some come from abroad.

This next edition is organised by a national team of FOS Sea-Scouts.
It will take place in Antwerp, Belgium during the first weekend of May 2013.

The event takes place from friday evening (arrival) till sunday-afternoon
(departure from site around 1600 LT).
Participating troops may subscribe patrols from 6 to 10 persons.
The game is held in different age divisions:

– 10-12 yo (gender mixed)
– 13-15 yo (boys)*
– 13-15 yo (girls)*
– 16-18 yo (gender mixed)

*If there are more than 2 boys in one troop, then this troop will count as
a full boys-troop.
Patrols must bring their own tents.
A subscription fee will be asked for each participant (the exact amount
still has to be determined).
Participation fee includes:

– Full catering on Saturday
– Breakfast and lunch on Sunday
– Blue Fannion badge
– A chance of winning the prestigious Blue Fannion award !
– Meeting other Sea-Scouts

For more info please contact the Blue Fannion organization:
Mail us: (We can speak Spanglish, French, English and
Dutch all on demand 🙂 )