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Odysseus 13 Goodbyes

Odysseus 13 Goodbyes

As tradition goes, during the Eurosea event the Odysseus team is elected. During the 13th Eurosea edition in Poland the last Odysseus team was elected. It was an interesting mix of people who were excited to join forces to organise the 14th Eurosea in Barcelona and share ideas along the way. Because of all different kind of reasons 5 out of 6 chose to not to stand for election again. Once again a big thank you to every single one of them to put in the effort they saw themselves possible to support European Sea Scouting. 


As far as goals go, I am very happy about us opening up to non-sea scouts so that more people can enjoy water activities. Professionally I will take some lessons learned from working in an international team for two years seated across different boarders. Last but not least I am very glad to have been part of planning a successful Eurosea in Barcelona. Thanks to the entire team for making it happen!


During my time as an Odysseus member I got lots of energy out of being part of this team. Together we created some nice ideas, created a great project and we had a good time. In short, the brand new 13th Eurosea Odysseus Group that started out in Poland truly became my friends on the way to Barcelona.


I loved working with a very kind and professional team. I learned a lot, and experienced so many intercultural topics. But most of all it was great being part of the team developing and designing an international seminar in Sea Scouting and seeing a great outcome.


These two years have been both long and short. It has been a brand new experience that was worth all the hard effort we have put into it. It all began with joy and inspiration and ended with pride and satisfaction. I will remember this period for long time and hopefully it makes a difference in Sea Scouting in Catalonia. But, of course, it  won’t end here. I wish the new Odysseus all the good and strength to carry on this wonderful lifestyle that we all get to experience. 


The past two years have passed unexpectedly quickly. It is good to work in an international team and still discover similarities and differences. Odysseus 13 is a very warm and cordial team. I am glad that my memory and accumulated experience from several previous Euroseas and sea scouting actions were useful. Since the last seminar many things have changed in my volunteering in sailing and sea scouting, I have more national responsibilities and that is why I’m hesitant.


Even though this is not my final goodbye to Odysseus, this is my final goodbye to the 13 team. Meeting with this team was an inspiring moment every single time. The ideas we came up with as individuals became better when talking to the team. And even in my most difficult of times, they never gave up on me as being a part of the team. I’m insanely grateful to having been part of this team and taking many great memories with me. 


The New Look of the European Seascouting Website

The New Look of the European Seascouting Website

Hello dear Sea Scout,

Welcome to our renewed website! The Odysseus Group had a preparation meeting in Barcelona for Eurosea in 2018. One of the topics on our agenda has been a new communication strategy. Part of that strategy was updating the website to a more modern lay out. We said goodbye to the old look and feel, and welcome the new one.

Besides the info on the Eurosea, the old Euronauts, and a contact page for you to get in touch with the Odysseus Group, we are also introducing a couple of new features.

The Euronaut is a new concept. Every couple of weeks someone will have written an interesting blog post on Sea Scouting in Europe. Who knows, it might have been you?! Those blog posts will be available to read, right here. We will also post the link on facebook so you can easily get to it 😉 Are you not a big fan of facebook, but don’t want to miss any of the news? Subscribe to the newsletter and every couple of months you will get a summary of all blog posts that have appeared right in your mailbox!

If you want to share something with European Sea Scouts, that is awesome! Did you make an aftermovie of your summer camp? Do you want to tell us about Sea Scouting in your country? Did one of your members attend a training? Or want to make a training on Sea Scouting Safety? Anything and everything that has anything to do with Sea Scouting in Europe is great news! Please, send us an e-mail or a message through the contact page and we will be happy to share it with everybody. Members can write in their own language, that will be posted as well, if someone else can translate it into English. Add some cool pictures. And if you don’t mind, we will check for English grammar and spelling and… HOPPA, your own personal article will be published!

We will also start to build an “water activities wiki” where we will collect water activities of all kinds for you to get inspired. Did you create an activity that was a total hit in your group? Please share it with us and we’ll share it with all of Europe, right here on this website. Of course all of the credit will go to you! We’re just share, because we care.

We have a lot more inspiration to make this web place the best online hangout for European Sea Scouts, but we will add that in the future 😉

If you have any suggestions to make this website better, in any way, let me know in a comment below, shoot me an e-mail or send me a message on facebook.

Good winds,







Background information about Odysseus

Odysseus Group was set up by the European Region in 1996. It was the idea of Dominique Benard, European Regional Executive at the time. He asked a few interested people to form a small informal group to support the development of Sea Scouting in Europe.

Very little money was available to Odysseus, and it was not possible to have more that one meeting per year. The first meeting was in 1996 in Brussels at the Regional Office, and the second meeting was at Eurosea 5, Oslo, Norway in 1997.

The Polish Scout Association requested help in organizing the program for Eurosea 6 in 2000, and Odysseus Group became the de facto programme committee for that Seminar, and also prepared the first report on Sea Scouting in Europe for presentation at the seminar at Eurosea 6.

Odysseus had an informal meeting at Warsaw Airport after Eurosea, and it was under the clear impression that Odysseus would be asked to provide some input into Eurosea 7, as that was generally perceived to be the way that Odysseus might go in the future – acting as a rolling advisory group with a changing membership providing help and advice to the next Eurosea, using lessons learned at previous Euroseas, and at the same time collect and distribute useful information.

Odysseus Group Charter


  • A picture of safe and happy Scouts on the water.
  • An active, growing Sea Scout section of the Scout movement.


  • Implementing the tasks set by Eurosea meetings.
  • Promoting cooperation among Sea Scouts in Europe.
  • Working to promote safety in water activities.
  • Advising the ESO what to look for in proposed EU laws and directives.
  • To make Sea Scouts more visible at a national and international level.
  • To provide support to European Scout Associations wishing to develop Sea Scouting programs and centers.
  • To promote new program ideas and activities in Sea Scouting that correspond to priorities in the European Scout Region.
  • To support the organization of youth events for Sea Scouts and their participation in environmental projects.

Membership of Odysseus

  • Members are chosen at Eurosea seminars and confirmed by ESC.
  • Members serve for one period, can be re-nominated twice or a maximum of 6/9 years, depending on the space between seminars.
  • Special for the first term, half the members are appointed for 2 periods.
  • It is possible to invite new people, either for a special project or to replace someone who is unable to continue to meet the requirements. In the latter case they should be approved at the next Eurosea meeting.

Requirements for membership

  • Sea Scout leader.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Experience at national level in their home association.
  • Overall should represent N S E W Europe.

Working methods

  • 1 meeting a year.
  • Meetings to have a prearranged agenda with all information circulated in advance.
  • Agreement by consensus.
  • Jobs done by groups using the internet and results sent to all.
  • Possible use of chat rooms for informal meetings.
  • Keeping a log book of our activities and working methods.


  • By reporting to Eurosea meetings with copies to ESO and national associations. (Part of the PR program for visible Sea Scouts and communication).


  1. Elections to be held at the end of Eurosea conferences.
  2. One vote for each represented country.
  3. Voting by secret ballot.
  4. Host team to provide suitable scrutinizers along with a representative from the ESO.

Who can be elected

  1. Anyone attending Eurosea as a delegate is eligible for election.
  2. Only one candidate per country.
  3. Current members can stand for re-election twice. If unable to attend then they should arrange to have their names put forward by some one attending.

At the start of a Eurosea conference, after the report on the group’s activities, the election rules should be explained and a call for candidates made, along with a brief job description. Candidates should be encouraged to write their names on a special poster that has been hung in the meeting room. Midnight on the last full evening is the deadline for candidates to put themselves forward.

As soon as possible after the election a short meeting should be held to select a chairperson, and form working groups to carryout the wishes of the conference.


The Odysseus groups for 2012-2014:
Nuno Jacinto (Portugal, chairman)
Kris Bauters (Belgium, vice chairman)
Satu Raudasoja (Finland, communications)
Ernst-Jan Jacobsen (the Netherlands, website)
Ondrej Odokienko (Slovania, ambassadours network)
Benoit Leduc (France)

You can contact us by emailing us at