What is Eurosea?

What is Eurosea?

Eurosea is an active seminar about Sea Scouting in Europe. You can expect “hands-on” activities, workshops and presentations on best practices all over Europe. A very important component of the seminar is the networking opportunities. By extending your network, you will automatically have access to various opportunities for exchanges, in both formal and informal settings.

Examples of workshops, exchanges and possiblities can be found in the blog format on te front page of this website.

Every edition you will be able to experience ‘local Sea Scouting’ of the hosting country, which is very diverse all over Europe.

People who may be interested in attending Eurosea:
– Members of national or regional teams that support Sea Scouting
– Representatives of National Scout Organizations (NSO)/Associations (NSA) and Member Organizations interested in introducing water activities, particularly members of national or regional programme teams or similar bodies
– Leaders & young adults who would organize international Sea Scout activities in the future
– Sea Scout and Guide leaders interested in international Sea Scouting

Participants are expected to be able to communicate well in English and be capable of using electronic communication media (e.g., e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp,…).