Seascout Exchange!

Seascout Exchange!

Sea scouting is awesome and awesome things are better when shared. So let’s! Take your troop to a sea scout adventure in another country or have an international experience at home with a troop in another country. Wait no more and sign up for the sea scout exchange!

Fill this form and we will process your offer or request, publish it on our facebook and in our map (nothing there yet so its not online):

GOOGLE FORM (Requires email)

What is this good for?

1) Looking to visit another country

For troops, groups or individuals looking to visit sea scouts in another country.

2) Looking to host others in my country

For troops, groups or individuals looking inviting other sea scouts to visit their summer camp, expedition or event.

3) Invite to an international event or campsite

A way to promote your event or campsite

What to expect

Based on your form, we will publicize your request or offer in our network. We will try to link you up with sea scouts that are willing or able to work with you in realizing the international sea scouting adventure you are looking for, but there are no guarantees.

What is expected of you

To fill the form above in English and to respond to emails. Also, to let us know if your request or offer is no longer valid. If you want to participate with your troop, at least one person should be able to communicate in English, but this is not required or needed from all participants.


Czecho-Austrian expedition – Ohre river

Austrian troop joined the Czech troop for one week of their 2-week expedition.

“The most memorable summer camp of my life. Anita is the best!” – Honza, 14

“I can only recommend, It would not be possible to experience something like this in our country.” – Wolfgang, 24

Finish Satahanka Camp

Satahanka is a large sea scout camp for all Finish sea scouts where sea scouts from all over Europe can join.

“This was my first time sailing and oh I so wish we had a sea in my country too!” – Nemo, 16

“Floating saunas, saunas in a tent, saunas in a hut – saunas everywhere. Loved it.” – Jonas, 14