Eurosea Behind the Scenes – Preparation Meeting

Eurosea Behind the Scenes – Preparation Meeting

You might not be very familiar with the behind-the-scenes of organizing the Eurosea event. So we’re writing a series on it! 

As you might have seen on facebook, the Odysseus Group has been to Barcelona. No, we did not just eat tapas and drink cava. In between all the food and a few relaxing activities (sometimes also including food) we worked very hard on Eurosea and other future projects.

Eurosea is organized every two years. And right in the middle of those two events, there is a preparation meeting between the members of Odysseus Group, and also a meeting of the Odysseus Group and the hosting team of the next Eurosea.

These meetings have several purposes. First of all, it is the perfect opportunity for the Odysseus members to get 48 hours of intensive meetings, brainstorms, idea sharing and reporting. We meet once every month on skype, but you might know that the productivity of meeting on skype is not as high as meeting in person. 

Secondly, it’s the perfect time and timing to get the sails of the Odysseus group and the hosting team in the same direction. We get to know the location, we get the planning of the event on point and get and give some more information. Many questions are asked and answered during this meeting with the hosting team. By the way, we already feel like it’s going to be a great Eurosea, because the hosting team is on fire!


We had the honor of attending a presentation of the Eurosea plans, explained by the hosting team to the sponsors and supporters of Eurosea 2018. The Catalan Sea Scouts made connections with several businesses and organisations in the area. They are showing what scouting really is for local youth and their further lives, but also as a world movement. 


I hope you are all as excited as we are for Eurosea 14! If you have any questions for the Odysseus group or the hosting team, don’t hesitate and contact us through the contact form on the website. We will keep you updated on practical information on the event as soon as possible 😉

Good winds, 


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