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What does the Odysseus Group do? – Sea Scouting
What does the Odysseus Group do?

What does the Odysseus Group do?

An informal group was set up by the European Scout Region in 1996 to support the development of Sea Scouting in Europe as an integral part of the Scout program. The general objectives set for the Odysseus Group were:

  • to promote new program ideas and activities in Sea Scouting which correspond to priorities in the European Scout Region.
  • to support the organisation of youth events for Sea Scouts, particularly oriented towards environmental activities, intercultural awareness, community development and discovery.
  • to encourage international co-operation among Sea Scout
  • to support the participation of Sea Scouts in environmental pilot projects promoted by the Region (e.g. Mediterranean, Danube, Baltic).
  • to provide support to European Scout associations wishing to develop Sea Scout programs and centers. 

The Group meets about once or twice per year in person, and once every 4 to 8 weeks via Skype.

Every Odysseus Group sets their own relevant goals and makes a program based on the general guidelines above.