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Odysseus Group History – Sea Scouting
Odysseus Group History

Odysseus Group History

Odysseus Group was set up by the European Region in 1996. It was the idea of Dominique Benard, European Regional Executive at the time. He asked a few interested people to form a small informal group to support the development of Sea Scouting in Europe.

Very little money was available to Odysseus, and it was not possible to have more than one meeting per year. The first meeting was in 1996 in Brussels at the Regional Office, and the second meeting was at Eurosea 5, Oslo, Norway in 1997.

The Polish Scout Association requested help in organizing the program for Eurosea 6 in 2000. Odysseus Group became the de facto program committee for that Seminar, and also prepared the first report on Sea Scouting in Europe for presentation at the seminar at Eurosea 6.

Odysseus had an informal meeting at Warsaw Airport after Eurosea, and it was under the clear impression that Odysseus would be asked to provide some input into Eurosea 7, as that was generally perceived to be the way that Odysseus might go in the future. It was acting as a rolling advisory group with a changing membership providing help and advice to the next Eurosea, using lessons learned at previous Euroseas, and at the same time collect and distribute useful information for Sea Scouts in Europe.

ODYSSEUS 14 (2018-2022)

Thaïsa Van Speybroek (Belgium, Chair 2018-2021)
David Wraight (United Kingdom, Chair 2021-2022)
Jan Mrkos (Czech Republic, Anchor Man)
Electra Foteinopoulou (Greece, Eurosea coordinator)
Elina Sirkiä (Finland)
Asta Kederyte (Lithuania)


ODYSSEUS 13 (2016-2018)

Kristine Clemmensen-Rotne (Chair, Denmark)
Ernst-Jan Jacobsen (Vice chair, Netherlands)
Laura Simarro (Eurosea coordination/communication, Spain/Catalonia)
Werner Strobel (Senior trainer, Austria)
Thaïsa Van Speybroek (Communication, Belgium)
Wiktor Wroblewski (Professional in seamanship, Poland)

From left to right, top row: Raul (WOSM), Laura Simarro (Spain/Catalonia), Werner Strobel (Austria), Thaïsa Van Speybroek (Belgium), Wiktor Wroblewski (Poland); bottom row: Kristine Clemmensen-Rotne (Denmark), Ernst-Jan Jacobsen (Netherlands)

ODYSSEUS 12 (?-2016)

Nuno Jacinto (Portugal, chairman)
Ernst-Jan Jacobsen (the Netherlands, vice chairman)
Satu Raudasoja (Finland)
Kris Bauters (Belgium)
Werner Strobel (Austria, Anchorman)
Jakub Mazurliewicz (Poland)

From left to right: Kris Bauters (Belgium), Nuno Jacinto (Portugal, chair), Jakub Mazurliewicz (Poland), Satu Raudasoja (Finland), Ernst-Jan Jacobsen (the Netherlands, vice chair), Werner Strobel (Austria, Anchorman)

Odysseus 11 (?-?)

Nuno Jacinto (Chairman; Portugal)
Kris Bauters (Vice Chairman; Belgium)
Satu Raudasoja (Communications; Finland)
Ernst-Jan Jacobsen (Website; The Netherlands)
Ondrej Odokienko (Ambassadors network; Slovenia,)
Benoit Leduc (France)

Odysseus 6 (2000 – 2003)

Eoghan Lavelle (Ireland)
João Armando Gonçalves (Portugal)
Maarten Velthoen (Netherlands)
Costas Tsantilis (Greece, World Scout Committee)
Jacqueline Collier (World Scout Bureau)

Odysseus 5 (1997 – 2000)

Eric Knockenhauer (Sweden)
Waldemar Mieczkowski (Poland)

Please help us keep our records up-to-date by sending any corrections or additional information to the Odysseus Group, please contact us.