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Odysseus Group Update, April 2019 – Sea Scouting
Odysseus Group Update, April 2019

Odysseus Group Update, April 2019

Hello everybody!

It’s been six months since we’ve been elected as Odysseus Group 14 at the 14th edition of Eurosea in Barcelona – and we haven’t just been chatting on skype and sipping tea. It’s time to update you on what we have been doing for Sea Scouting in Europe. 

  1. History Research
    Our dear friend from the other side of the world, Ron Bird, pitched the idea of writing out the history of Sea Scouting in Europe, Eurosea and the Odysseus Group. And we loved the idea – that’s what you get when two archaeologists are put together in a Sea Scouting team. Especially David has been putting a lot of effort in this project. If you want to get in touch on a related subject, events, anecdotes, pictures,… please do!
  2. Website improvements
    In order to keep connections alive and everybody informed on different things that have been happening we’ve been actively working to keep the blog alive on a weekly basis. Also other improvements are in progress: whatever we’re working on can be found on the Links & FAQ page.  Jan is working on the ambassador system, how to improve it and more connection opportunities. 
  3. GDPR
    We’re working on ways to collect and spread as much information on Sea Scouting in Europe as possible. In order for that to work with privacy laws, we’re making everything GDPR-friendly. 
  4. Eurosea 15 preparations
    We’ll be visiting the venue for Eurosea 15 in the second half of 2019. In the meanwhile we’re making sure we’ve got our planning straight and we’ve started working on the program as well. Electra is keeping the communication with the hosting team going nice and smooth. If you already have an idea on a workshop you would like to accommodate or attend, please let us know!
  5. Making connections
    Couldn’t find information on Sea Scouting in Europe on the WOSM sites before? Now you will! Or at least you’ll find a link to this very website! Go take a look at http://www.europak-online.net/, the website of the European Region of WOSM

There we go, that’s what we’ve been working on the past couple of months. By now you know who’s focusing on what. If you’d like to give input on any subject, feel free to contact us – we’ll make sure the right info/question goes to the right person 😉

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