Links & FAQ

Links & FAQ

European Sea Scouts, Odysseus Group and Eurosea are all part of WOSM (World Organisation of Scouting Movement. More information on WOSM can be found at

How do I get the password to the ‘country information and contact’ page?

Fill in the contact form: tell us who you are, where you are from and why you would like the password (it can be as easy as: looking for a camp site for summer camp) and we will e-mail the password to you.

Will any features be added to this website?

We have quite some plans and we are working on a couple of things:

Complete and share information on different types of boats used in Sea Scouting
Complete and share information on Sea Scouting groups and camping facilities
Complete and keep country information up to date
Complete and share Eurosea and Odysseus history


If you don’t see information on the subjects above of your country/NSO yet, please contact us so we can improve this platform.

If you would like suggest a certain topic for a page or articles, please contact us so we can see if and how we can make it happen!

If you would like to work on a certain subject as a project, we’d gladly encourage and support you in doing so. If that would be the case, please contact us so we can help you where necessary.