Esprit Scout – Scouting Spirit on an off shore race boat

Esprit Scout – Scouting Spirit on an off shore race boat

This is the story of three guys who were sea scouts wanted to buy an off shore racing boat. And so they did. They were passionate about the idea of participating off shore races. Together they bought a Class 40 and since they have participated is numerous big races. Just to mention, they’ve already crossed the Atlantic ocean four times.

The name of the boat is ‘Esprit Scout’ (in French), which translates in English as ‘Scouting Spirit’. You can dream big and have many ideas, but being a Scout gives you the opportunity to turn those dreams into plans and eventually make them reality! The project has become reality thanks to a big community, because the Scouting Spirit brings the community together.

Once a Scout, always a Scout. The sailors want to share the experience of sailing a racing off shore boat with other Scouts and the entire Scouting community. One thing you definitely have to do on an off shore race is work hard as a team to have a good race and ensure safety in an adventurous environment. 

There’s a couple of facts about Esprit Scout you’d like to know:

  • One of the sailors has been an Eurosea participant! 
  • The projects is supported by WOSM. That’s why the WOSM logo is shown on the side of the boat. 
  • In honor of that Scouting Spirit have they have made a purple spinakker.
  • Last year the boat has been sailing a lot in the Carribean, USA and Canada, where the crew has met meany scouts. 

The project is open to anyone who wants to experience off shore racing, both scouts and non-scouts. For now the last race will be in November 2018. But the team is open to continue when interest is shown. Which means that if you would like to go sailing with your Scout troop, you can surely contact the team! The ship can be a way of bringing people together, so anyone who would like to organize an international exchange program – this is definitely one way to do it!

There’s several ways you can be part of Esprit Scout: the most important one is to go sail it and experience an unique way of sea scouting. Further you can financially help sponsor the races: in stead of big sponsors the sailors have chosen to make the entire community part of the team. Every small contribution makes you part of the team. 

More information on this project can be found in (article in English) and through the website (in French, but google translate can help you out). If there are any extra questions or propositions you can contact the team at

Last but not least: if you want to follow Esprit Scout and their latest adventures, please like the facebook page By liking the page, you also help to spread the project to your friends and family and give them an opportunity to experience Scouting Spirit in off shore racing.

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