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Odysseus Group Update, April 2019

Odysseus Group Update, April 2019

Hello everybody!

It’s been six months since we’ve been elected as Odysseus Group 14 at the 14th edition of Eurosea in Barcelona – and we haven’t just been chatting on skype and sipping tea. It’s time to update you on what we have been doing for Sea Scouting in Europe. 

  1. History Research
    Our dear friend from the other side of the world, Ron Bird, pitched the idea of writing out the history of Sea Scouting in Europe, Eurosea and the Odysseus Group. And we loved the idea – that’s what you get when two archaeologists are put together in a Sea Scouting team. Especially David has been putting a lot of effort in this project. If you want to get in touch on a related subject, events, anecdotes, pictures,… please do!
  2. Website improvements
    In order to keep connections alive and everybody informed on different things that have been happening we’ve been actively working to keep the blog alive on a weekly basis. Also other improvements are in progress: whatever we’re working on can be found on the Links & FAQ page.  Jan is working on the ambassador system, how to improve it and more connection opportunities. 
  3. GDPR
    We’re working on ways to collect and spread as much information on Sea Scouting in Europe as possible. In order for that to work with privacy laws, we’re making everything GDPR-friendly. 
  4. Eurosea 15 preparations
    We’ll be visiting the venue for Eurosea 15 in the second half of 2019. In the meanwhile we’re making sure we’ve got our planning straight and we’ve started working on the program as well. Electra is keeping the communication with the hosting team going nice and smooth. If you already have an idea on a workshop you would like to accommodate or attend, please let us know!
  5. Making connections
    Couldn’t find information on Sea Scouting in Europe on the WOSM sites before? Now you will! Or at least you’ll find a link to this very website! Go take a look at, the website of the European Region of WOSM

There we go, that’s what we’ve been working on the past couple of months. By now you know who’s focusing on what. If you’d like to give input on any subject, feel free to contact us – we’ll make sure the right info/question goes to the right person 😉

Odysseus 14 Hellos

Odysseus 14 Hellos

New team, new winds! A big welcome to the Odysseus 14 team. We would like for you to get the chance to get to know us a little better. 


Thaïsa Van Speybroek (Chair) – Belgium

Hello! I’m Thaïsa (aka Seal) and I’m very happy to be a second-rounder at the Odysseus team. For people who don’t know me yet: I’ve been a member, leader, rowing and sailing trainer, board member and chair of Sea Scouting in Belgium (FOS Open Scouting). I’ve also been an International Commissioner for a while, but my heart has always been with Sea Scouting. That’s why I now fully commit my Scouting time to the Odysseus team and I won’t have many other Scouting commitments aside from giving a workshop here and there in the next two years. I’m hoping we can deliver a great Eurosea edition in Greece and connect and inspire as many Sea Scouts as possible in the mean time!


Jan Mrkos (Anchorman) – Czech Republic

Jan is a leader of a growing pack of cub scouts in Prague. He likes to go white water rafting with the scouts from his group. One day, he wants to go sailing for more than one day. Outside of scouting, Jan is a student working on his Ph.D. that has to do with electric vehicles. In the two years to come, he is very much looking forward to working with the other members of the Odysseus group


Asta Kederytė – Lithuania

Asta is head chief of Sea scouts in Lithuanian Scouting organization. Working with a team of wonderful sea scouts to create an adventurous and interesting sea scouting experience for our members, also to make sure that we prosper and grow.

Furthermore, Asta is a member of Ethics Committee in Lithuanian Scouting organization to keep an eye on those scouts who do not behave in accordance with our ethics, values and morals.


David Wraight – United Kingdom

Hello my name is David Wraight and I’m pleased to be joining the Odysseus Group to deliver Eurosea 15 and further develop Sea Scouting in Europe. I’ve been an adult in Scouting for 45 years with roles with different age groups, and roles with local and wider responsibilities in the United Kingdom.
Currently I run an Explorer Sea Scout Unit (14-18 years age range), am an international commissioner and have other roles around mountains, water activities, leader training, international camps and international expeditions.
I am enthusiastic about Scouts having great international experiences and look forward to working with the Odysseus Group in developing more opportunities for sea Scouts across Europe to share experiences and learning. 
Elina Sirkiä – Finland
I’m a Finnish Sea Scout living in England. I grew up sailing in the unique archipelago of Turku and around the Baltic Sea where I still skipper yachts and train scouts. Shuttling between two countries has made me see the potential we have in Sea Scouts internationally. In the Odysseus group I want to do my best to build connections to facilitate the sharing of ideas and practice between Sea Scounts across Europe. In two years time I hope we have more collaboration between countries, new international Sea Scout projects and more great experiences in doing things together!


Elecrtra Foteinopoulou – Greece

I am in the scout movement since 1995. I was a Scout leader for 5 years, a Venture leader for 2, and now I am a Rover leader. I am also a skipper and skipper instructor. At the moment I am organizing the Greek Contingent Team for the 24th World Scout Jamboree as an assistant leader. I have also participated in two world scout Jamborees and several other international Scouting events.


When Sea Scouts are also Tea Scouts

When Sea Scouts are also Tea Scouts

These Sea and Tea Scouts are based in the United Kingdom. Surprising? Not really. Tea has been a prominent feature of British culture and society since the seventeenth century. Though it used to be a luxurious drink only affordable by aristocrats, it is one of the most accessible food crops in the world these days. 

So how come Sea Scouts became Tea Scouts? The kids just took an interest when they learned that two of their leaders had a very particular interest in tea and knew a lot about it. Tea ceremonies are a fascinating event with multiple purposes: 

  • Brings young people together
  • Enables an accessible way to develop an understanding of different faiths and no faith
  • Introduces complexity and contemplation in an alcohol free setting
  • Enables young people to develop leadership and presentation skills
  • Promotes peaceful dialogue

The 38th & 40th Stood Explorer Sea Scout Unit in the United Kingdom is one of the most active Tea Scout groups in the U.K. On 6 October 2018 the eight Explorer Scouts of the 38th&40th Strood Explorer Sea Scout Unit were awarded a World Organisation of Scout Movements World Bar on the recommendation of the World Scout Buddhist Council in recognition of their work in promoting tea ceremonies as a vehicle for faith or no faith discussion. Their linked Global Tea Scouting project is now live in 14 countries.

Explorer Scouts of the 38th&40th Strood Explorer Sea Scout Unit were awarded a World Organisation of Scout Movements World Bar on the recommendation of the World Scout Buddhist Council in recognition of their work in promoting tea ceremonies as a vehicle for faith or no faith discussion.


This U.K. based Explorer Sea Scout troop organizes monthly training sessions on tea sessions and tea culture in the Kent area. Below you can find an entire pdf document on the Gong Fu Ceremony. If you would like to contact this U.K. based Explorer Sea and Tea Scouts, you can e-mail them at


Eurosea Behind the Scenes – Preparation Meeting

Eurosea Behind the Scenes – Preparation Meeting

You might not be very familiar with the behind-the-scenes of organizing the Eurosea event. So we’re writing a series on it! 

As you might have seen on facebook, the Odysseus Group has been to Barcelona. No, we did not just eat tapas and drink cava. In between all the food and a few relaxing activities (sometimes also including food) we worked very hard on Eurosea and other future projects.

Read More Read More

The New Look of the European Seascouting Website

The New Look of the European Seascouting Website

Hello dear Sea Scout,

Welcome to our renewed website! The Odysseus Group had a preparation meeting in Barcelona for Eurosea in 2018. One of the topics on our agenda has been a new communication strategy. Part of that strategy was updating the website to a more modern lay out. We said goodbye to the old look and feel, and welcome the new one.

Besides the info on the Eurosea, the old Euronauts, and a contact page for you to get in touch with the Odysseus Group, we are also introducing a couple of new features.

The Euronaut is a new concept. Every couple of weeks someone will have written an interesting blog post on Sea Scouting in Europe. Who knows, it might have been you?! Those blog posts will be available to read, right here. We will also post the link on facebook so you can easily get to it 😉 Are you not a big fan of facebook, but don’t want to miss any of the news? Subscribe to the newsletter and every couple of months you will get a summary of all blog posts that have appeared right in your mailbox!

If you want to share something with European Sea Scouts, that is awesome! Did you make an aftermovie of your summer camp? Do you want to tell us about Sea Scouting in your country? Did one of your members attend a training? Or want to make a training on Sea Scouting Safety? Anything and everything that has anything to do with Sea Scouting in Europe is great news! Please, send us an e-mail or a message through the contact page and we will be happy to share it with everybody. Members can write in their own language, that will be posted as well, if someone else can translate it into English. Add some cool pictures. And if you don’t mind, we will check for English grammar and spelling and… HOPPA, your own personal article will be published!

We will also start to build an “water activities wiki” where we will collect water activities of all kinds for you to get inspired. Did you create an activity that was a total hit in your group? Please share it with us and we’ll share it with all of Europe, right here on this website. Of course all of the credit will go to you! We’re just share, because we care.

We have a lot more inspiration to make this web place the best online hangout for European Sea Scouts, but we will add that in the future 😉

If you have any suggestions to make this website better, in any way, let me know in a comment below, shoot me an e-mail or send me a message on facebook.

Good winds,




Planning the next Eurosea seminar

Planning the next Eurosea seminar

Next Eurosea seminar is on its way!

Odysseus group held a planning meeting in Poland on the 17th and 18th October at the location of the next Eurosea. Odysseus group met the local hosting team, visited the s/y Zawisza Czarny sailing ship, planned the overall program of the seminar and checked the facilities of the seminar. Information about the seminar will be updated soon to the webpage on and on Facebook.