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Blue Fannion – Sea Scouting
Blue Fannion

Blue Fannion

The Blue Fannion is a friendly competition in wich Sea-Scout patrols
compete against each other in a series of nautically inspired games.
It is organised bi-annually at alternating locations Belgium. It has been a
tradition for over 20 years.
The participants come from all different Scouting Organizations from
Belgium and even some come from abroad.

This next edition is organised by a national team of FOS Sea-Scouts.
It will take place in Antwerp, Belgium during the first weekend of May 2013.

The event takes place from friday evening (arrival) till sunday-afternoon
(departure from site around 1600 LT).
Participating troops may subscribe patrols from 6 to 10 persons.
The game is held in different age divisions:

– 10-12 yo (gender mixed)
– 13-15 yo (boys)*
– 13-15 yo (girls)*
– 16-18 yo (gender mixed)

*If there are more than 2 boys in one troop, then this troop will count as
a full boys-troop.
Patrols must bring their own tents.
A subscription fee will be asked for each participant (the exact amount
still has to be determined).
Participation fee includes:

– Full catering on Saturday
– Breakfast and lunch on Sunday
– Blue Fannion badge
– A chance of winning the prestigious Blue Fannion award !
– Meeting other Sea-Scouts

For more info please contact the Blue Fannion organization:
Mail us: blauwewimpel@fos.be (We can speak Spanglish, French, English and
Dutch all on demand 🙂 )
Visit: http://www.fos.be/nl/activiteiten/blauwe-wimpel

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