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Esprit Scout – Scouting Spirit on an off shore race boat

Esprit Scout – Scouting Spirit on an off shore race boat

This is the story of three guys who were sea scouts wanted to buy an off shore racing boat. And so they did. They were passionate about the idea of participating off shore races. Together they bought a Class 40 and since they have participated is numerous big races. Just to mention, they’ve already crossed the Atlantic ocean four times.

The name of the boat is ‘Esprit Scout’ (in French), which translates in English as ‘Scouting Spirit’. You can dream big and have many ideas, but being a Scout gives you the opportunity to turn those dreams into plans and eventually make them reality! The project has become reality thanks to a big community, because the Scouting Spirit brings the community together.

Once a Scout, always a Scout. The sailors want to share the experience of sailing a racing off shore boat with other Scouts and the entire Scouting community. One thing you definitely have to do on an off shore race is work hard as a team to have a good race and ensure safety in an adventurous environment. 

There’s a couple of facts about Esprit Scout you’d like to know:

  • One of the sailors has been an Eurosea participant! 
  • The projects is supported by WOSM. That’s why the WOSM logo is shown on the side of the boat. 
  • In honor of that Scouting Spirit have they have made a purple spinakker.
  • Last year the boat has been sailing a lot in the Carribean, USA and Canada, where the crew has met meany scouts. 

The project is open to anyone who wants to experience off shore racing, both scouts and non-scouts. For now the last race will be in November 2018. But the team is open to continue when interest is shown. Which means that if you would like to go sailing with your Scout troop, you can surely contact the team! The ship can be a way of bringing people together, so anyone who would like to organize an international exchange program – this is definitely one way to do it!

There’s several ways you can be part of Esprit Scout: the most important one is to go sail it and experience an unique way of sea scouting. Further you can financially help sponsor the races: in stead of big sponsors the sailors have chosen to make the entire community part of the team. Every small contribution makes you part of the team. 

More information on this project can be found in (article in English) and through the website (in French, but google translate can help you out). If there are any extra questions or propositions you can contact the team at

Last but not least: if you want to follow Esprit Scout and their latest adventures, please like the facebook page By liking the page, you also help to spread the project to your friends and family and give them an opportunity to experience Scouting Spirit in off shore racing.

Odysseus 13 Goodbyes

Odysseus 13 Goodbyes

As tradition goes, during the Eurosea event the Odysseus team is elected. During the 13th Eurosea edition in Poland the last Odysseus team was elected. It was an interesting mix of people who were excited to join forces to organise the 14th Eurosea in Barcelona and share ideas along the way. Because of all different kind of reasons 5 out of 6 chose to not to stand for election again. Once again a big thank you to every single one of them to put in the effort they saw themselves possible to support European Sea Scouting. 


As far as goals go, I am very happy about us opening up to non-sea scouts so that more people can enjoy water activities. Professionally I will take some lessons learned from working in an international team for two years seated across different boarders. Last but not least I am very glad to have been part of planning a successful Eurosea in Barcelona. Thanks to the entire team for making it happen!


During my time as an Odysseus member I got lots of energy out of being part of this team. Together we created some nice ideas, created a great project and we had a good time. In short, the brand new 13th Eurosea Odysseus Group that started out in Poland truly became my friends on the way to Barcelona.


I loved working with a very kind and professional team. I learned a lot, and experienced so many intercultural topics. But most of all it was great being part of the team developing and designing an international seminar in Sea Scouting and seeing a great outcome.


These two years have been both long and short. It has been a brand new experience that was worth all the hard effort we have put into it. It all began with joy and inspiration and ended with pride and satisfaction. I will remember this period for long time and hopefully it makes a difference in Sea Scouting in Catalonia. But, of course, it  won’t end here. I wish the new Odysseus all the good and strength to carry on this wonderful lifestyle that we all get to experience. 


The past two years have passed unexpectedly quickly. It is good to work in an international team and still discover similarities and differences. Odysseus 13 is a very warm and cordial team. I am glad that my memory and accumulated experience from several previous Euroseas and sea scouting actions were useful. Since the last seminar many things have changed in my volunteering in sailing and sea scouting, I have more national responsibilities and that is why I’m hesitant.


Even though this is not my final goodbye to Odysseus, this is my final goodbye to the 13 team. Meeting with this team was an inspiring moment every single time. The ideas we came up with as individuals became better when talking to the team. And even in my most difficult of times, they never gave up on me as being a part of the team. I’m insanely grateful to having been part of this team and taking many great memories with me. 


#EverydayAdventures from 1st Cuddington (Warspite) in the UK

#EverydayAdventures from 1st Cuddington (Warspite) in the UK

Hello everybody!

Richard sent us this great video from 1st Cuddington (Warspite) in the UK. He thought it might be interesting to share a little about our 2017, and our end of year video – so do we! Here’s the message they would like to share:

1st Cuddington is a UK Sea Scout Group of around 130 young people in the South of the UK. As their home Base is in an area without water, we have a separate boating base.

It has been an amazing year with lots of challenge and loads of everyday adventure. From cartwheeling Cubs to Boating Beaver & from Sailing Scouts to Explorers exploring Portsmouth Harbour – it has been a busy year on and off the water for the Group.

Whilst highlights could include winning the a number of trophies at the National Rowing regatta and a fantastic Royal navy review, it is the #everydayadventures that underpin what we do. 

As always, the thanks go to the team of volunteers – both in front of sections and behind the scenes.

Now please feel free to settle back and enjoy some highlights of 2017.

Thank you for sharing, Richard!

Ice Sailing on the Baltic Sea – an exciting activity for brave sea scouts

Ice Sailing on the Baltic Sea – an exciting activity for brave sea scouts

Text by Jan-Erik Engren, Pictures and video by Mikael De Meulder

It’s the most fun one can have, it’s something that should be on everyone’s bucket list!” That’s how ice sailing was described to me just seconds before I first jumped into a DN iceboat. Moments after that remark I was gliding into a darkening evening of ice-bound sea off the coast of Rauma – with speed that was both exciting and terrifying for a first-timer.

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Eurosea Behind the Scenes – Preparation Meeting

Eurosea Behind the Scenes – Preparation Meeting

You might not be very familiar with the behind-the-scenes of organizing the Eurosea event. So we’re writing a series on it! 

As you might have seen on facebook, the Odysseus Group has been to Barcelona. No, we did not just eat tapas and drink cava. In between all the food and a few relaxing activities (sometimes also including food) we worked very hard on Eurosea and other future projects.

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The New Look of the European Seascouting Website

The New Look of the European Seascouting Website

Hello dear Sea Scout,

Welcome to our renewed website! The Odysseus Group had a preparation meeting in Barcelona for Eurosea in 2018. One of the topics on our agenda has been a new communication strategy. Part of that strategy was updating the website to a more modern lay out. We said goodbye to the old look and feel, and welcome the new one.

Besides the info on the Eurosea, the old Euronauts, and a contact page for you to get in touch with the Odysseus Group, we are also introducing a couple of new features.

The Euronaut is a new concept. Every couple of weeks someone will have written an interesting blog post on Sea Scouting in Europe. Who knows, it might have been you?! Those blog posts will be available to read, right here. We will also post the link on facebook so you can easily get to it 😉 Are you not a big fan of facebook, but don’t want to miss any of the news? Subscribe to the newsletter and every couple of months you will get a summary of all blog posts that have appeared right in your mailbox!

If you want to share something with European Sea Scouts, that is awesome! Did you make an aftermovie of your summer camp? Do you want to tell us about Sea Scouting in your country? Did one of your members attend a training? Or want to make a training on Sea Scouting Safety? Anything and everything that has anything to do with Sea Scouting in Europe is great news! Please, send us an e-mail or a message through the contact page and we will be happy to share it with everybody. Members can write in their own language, that will be posted as well, if someone else can translate it into English. Add some cool pictures. And if you don’t mind, we will check for English grammar and spelling and… HOPPA, your own personal article will be published!

We will also start to build an “water activities wiki” where we will collect water activities of all kinds for you to get inspired. Did you create an activity that was a total hit in your group? Please share it with us and we’ll share it with all of Europe, right here on this website. Of course all of the credit will go to you! We’re just share, because we care.

We have a lot more inspiration to make this web place the best online hangout for European Sea Scouts, but we will add that in the future 😉

If you have any suggestions to make this website better, in any way, let me know in a comment below, shoot me an e-mail or send me a message on facebook.

Good winds,




Welcome Home – Austrian Jamboree 2018

Welcome Home – Austrian Jamboree 2018

Every now and then I get a request to share an invitation with you. Since it’s our mission to connect (Sea) Scouts of Europe, we will gladly share invitations to events that connect to that mission. Today we share the invitation of HOME 2018, an International Jamboree organised by the Upper Austrian Scouts. 

Would you like to invite Sea Scouts of Europe to your own national Jamboree? Let us know through the contact form or any other way you like to contact us and we will help you spreading the message. 

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