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Euronaut 36

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Odysseus meeting news

Tonight the Odysseus group had on online meeting. During this meeting the next Eurosea in Bruges has been discussed. In october there was a preparation meeting in Bruges, things are coming. Also the next Euronaut has been talked over.

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Euronaut no 35, October 2013 is out now !

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Nawaka 2014

Nawaka 2014

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On Duty at Gilwell Park

The Malahide Friday night troop took over 40 scouts and leaders on their annual camp to Gilwell Park, North London. An International scout centre bought in 1919 for Scout Association of Great Britain and Ireland to give local camping for London scouts and be both a training and activity centre.

The 109 acre site was great base for the Malahide troop to explore the centres activities and take trips into London’s many historical sites. Not distracted by the much awaited birth of the heir to the British throne the scouts took out time to attend cleaning the plate on the bust of the founder of Sea Scouting in 1912 by Warington Baden Powell. The bust had been erected in Gilwell Park in June 1912 as part of the celebration of the centenary of Sea Scouting.

Many thanks to the Malahide Sea Scouts, and if you’re passing through Gilwell Park throw an eye over its direction and keep it ship shape.

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The Polish beauty visits Satahanka

A young man steps out from under the deck and introduces himself as the captain of Zjava IV. He’s Peter Cichy, 24 years old sea scout from Poland. He sailed the impressive Zjava IV from Riga to Satahanka camp with a crew of 15. The trip took them a week, arriving to Kustavi late Friday night. Though it was a long trip, it was a great experience for the whole crew and definitely worth it. A new crew, consisting of sea scouts mostly from Bialystok, steps in after Satahanka XII is over. They’re taking the ship across the Baltic Sea to Sweden, where another crew exchange takes place on August 13th. The crew starting from Satahanka has enjoyed the camp so far, praising the activities and especially the open sea rescue show. However, they’re already eager to get started on their journey.

Zjava IV

Zjava IV was built in 1949 and functioned as a rescue ship during its first years. In 1980’s it was donated to the sea scouts and has been theirs to use since. Considering it’s 64 years old, Zjava IV seems to be in good condition and if nothing drastic happens to it, will continue to be used as a training vessel for young scouts in years to come.

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Bid to hold Eurosea 12

The Belgian Sea Scout Committees of FOS Open Scouting and Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen
would like to be considered as host for Eurosea 12 in September 2014, as decided at Eurosea 11.

The event will take place from 10/09/2014 to 14/09/2014
Tjey like to show Sea Scouting in Belgium and their national
structure in training.

Their venue is the scouting base of the 11th–22th FOS “De
Boekaniers” in Bruges for the day activities and hostel
“Herdersbrug” for sleeping facilities and breakfast.
Both of these facilities are located in the port of Bruges and
approximately 3km from each other and the city of Bruges.

read more…

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Blue Fannion

The Blue Fannion is a friendly competition in wich Sea-Scout patrols
compete against each other in a series of nautically inspired games.
It is organised bi-annually at alternating locations Belgium. It has been a
tradition for over 20 years.
The participants come from all different Scouting Organizations from
Belgium and even some come from abroad.

More information

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Eurosea 12

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